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Peacock Stuffed Animal Crochet Kit Tutorial
12.16.2021 | diycraftsnow | Sewing Template User's Guide

Even if you’re an experience crocheter, hearing these crochet benefits will be quite helpful. All of the positive responses are music to my ears. There’s truly nothing like a relaxing day with your hooks and yarn.

So, why should you crochet?


1. Stress Reliever – Unsurprisingly, this is by far the top response. Being a proven stress reliever, crochet is one of the best activities to help you relax. When your personal life is getting to be a little too much to handle,  just sit back with some hooks and yarn. Get lost in the stitches and experience the bliss of seeing a project development. Your problems will evaporate one stitch at a time.


2. Sense of accomplishment – Many people spoke of the gratifying feeling of finishing a project. Looking at a blanket and knowing you made it unlike anything else. Seeing a family member or loved one enjoy the fruits of your labor is as rewarding as enjoying it yourself. The sense of accomplishment after you complete a project is rewarding enough to make anyone want to crochet.


3. Alert mind – Crochet is great for keeping you alert and sharp. As much as we hate to admit it, we get older every day. Crochet keeps our minds stimulated, especially when working new patterns.


4. Tradition – Many people were taught to crochet by their mothers or grandmothers, so keeping the tradition alive is a big part of why they crochet. Passing down the art of crochet is important and very rewarding. Each pattern has a little bit of the love of the person who taught you.


5. Keeps you busy – There can be a lot of benefits of crochet keeping us busy. First off, it can be great for weight loss as it provides a distraction from the fridge. It’s also better for the mind and body than just sitting and watching TV mindlessly. Crochet is a hobby and hobbies keep us from feeling jaded!


6. Homemade Gifts – I was so happy to see how many people said that they love crochet because it can make special gifts. I always say that a homemade gift is one you’ll never forget. 


7. DIY Home Decor – An obvious, but underappreciated reason to crochet is decorating! Tossing a throw over a couch can transform a room! You can even make pillows to tie it all together!


In the last.

Crochet is the main creative outlet for a lot of people. Whether you’re designing new patterns, arranging color schemes, or just following a tutorial, your creative juices are flowing. As we get older and busier, sometimes we have to take a moment to release some of that creative energy! It doesn’t have to go away when you grow up.