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1mm French Bullion Wire Spiral Copper Wire

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French wire, also known as bullion or gimp, is a fine coil of silver or gold-filled wire used by jewellers to conceal beading wire next to crimps and clasps or beaders to do gold work embroidery. It has a lovely shinny smooth appearance and will enhance any piece of embroidery.


  • 【Material】: Made of copper, shinny and bright, not easy to fade out, coorosion resistance and durability
  • 【Features】: Spiral Design, with good elastic, easy to operate. Please NOT pull to avoid distortion and irreparable damage
  • 【Well-Packed】: The round sprial wire is put in a clear plastic box to avoid damage and for better storage
  • 【Application】: Idea for embroidery projects, brooch making, badge, clothes patch, vamp decoration, cap seal and some premium clothes decoration
  • 【Size Reference】: Measures 1mm in thickness



How to Use:

-This variety of French bullion wires are used similar to bugle beads in embroidery, but very flexible than bugle beads.
-The hard thread can be used to outline the pattern, the soft thread can be used to fill the pattern, and the square thread is used to brighten the work.
-And you can cut the metal wire into smaller length depending on the pattern, it's like a tube and has a hole big enough for thread or jewelry wire
-Thread onto a sewing thread like a bead, Can also be used for jewelry making, embroidery, and a whole lot of beading projects


  • Diameter: 1.0mm
  • Weight: about 10g/bag
  • Length: about 40cm/g, 400cm/bag