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6 Piece-Set Quilting Template

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6 Pieces, Over 12 Patterns, Making Gorgeous Quilting Has Never Been Easier LIKE THIS👇

Gorgeous & Easy Quilting: Flowers, circles, stars, hearts and many other beautiful symmetrical patterns can be created with these templates. Just use and develop your creativity to explore more quilting and stitching patterns, these templates will make everything easier!

Premium Material: Made of durable premium acrylic, chosen for its strength, transparency and sustainability. These templates have an excellent transparency like a piece of smooth and clear crystal for easy viewing. Smooth and round edge design does no harm to the fabric. It feels soft, but maintains a good grip on the fabric.

Wide Applications: No matter you're a pro or new beginner in quilting or sewing, these templates are suitable for you. They have been widely used for professional tailors, apprentices, or DIY embroidery hobbyists and etc..


  • 4" Arc
    • Arched lines are at 1/4" segments; other line angles on the template for corners and matching seam lines
    • Template measures: 1-3/4" x 3-1/2"
  • Clamshell
    • Finished large shell measures 1-1/2"H x 2-9/16"W
    • Finished small shell measures 1/2"H x 9/16"W
    • Marked lines are at 1/4" segments
    • Template measures: 3" (widest width) x 7"(length)
  • 6" Spiral
    • Start in the center using the Ruler Foot as the rotation point
    • Markings to make arc sizes: 1-1/2"H, 2-1/2"H, 3"H, and 3-7/16"H
    • Template measures: 3-3/8" (highest point) x 5-15/16" (length)
  • 2" Inside Circle
    • Four alignment lines are from corner to corner and through the middle of the ruler for centering the circle
    • Ruler: 4" x 4"
    • Center opening: 2-7/16" diameter
  • 3-1/2" Spin E-Fex
    • Ruler: 4" x 4-1/2"
    • Center opening: 1/4" (short end) x 1-1/2" (widest end) x 2-1/4"
    • 23 alignment lines at various angles on the ruler to create stunning designs
  • 5-1/2" Spinning Wheel
    • Nine alignment lines at various angles on the ruler to create stunning designs
    • Ruler: 2-3/4" (narrow end) x 4-1/2"(widest end) x 5"
    • Teardrop center opening: 1/4" (short end) x 2" (widest end) x 2-5/8"

If you do not know what shank your machine is, all you need to do is lower your foot and then measure the height of the center of the hole for the screw from the needle plate.

  1. NoteRuler foot isn't included with this Free motion template set 
  2. NoteBernina machines require a shank adapter. 


  •  1x Machine Quilting Ruler Set(6 Pieces)