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Acrylic Patchwork Aligned Ruler

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The ruler to make quick work out of different patchwork jobs!

Measure, trim, or cut quilt patchworks accurately using this TrendyQuilt Patchwork Ruler. This square block gauge offers multiple angles for easy cuts and ambidextrous use to aid in all your patchwork creations. Finish your quilting projects with peace of mind knowing your patchworks are made with uniformity and precision.

Feature and benefits:

 Mistake-free patchwork creation. With this ruler, you can make a variety of patchworks with ease. Perfect for measuring or cutting, it’ll guide you to come up with beautiful designs with the same lengths and widths.

 Easy to use. The ruler’s laser cut smooth edge allows for easier, deeper cutting of fabric layers. While the black and green print allows you to see the grid on dark and light fabrics alike.

✅ Ambidextrous angle system. This quilting gauge offers 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90° angle measurements which is available and viewable on both sides. This ensures an accurate cut for both left and right-handed users.

 Sturdy, durable construction. Made from premium quality acrylic plastic with exquisite printing technology, it’s resistant to rust and wear and tear. Guaranteed to last a long time if given proper care.

 Wide application. Aside from quilting tasks, this ruler can be used for drawing templates for school, architectural/engineering designs, for sewing, and other crafts requiring complex & accurate measurements.

Dimensions (Overall): 4.5 "x4.5",6 "x6",9.5 "x9.5",(Inches)
Package Quantity: 1
Material: Acrylic.