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Baseball Cap Template Set

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Use the baseball cap template set and Resin interlining to create this statement baseball cap that will be the focal point of any outfit.

Easy to follow directions. It is easy to construct. One can add more to the pattern as much as desired. Perfect for many occasions.

Comes with various round edge rulers for different head circumference designs.

100*28cm resin interlining, the iron is heated to fit the fabric, making the hat more three-dimensional and stylish.

  • Hat circumference total length: 23.62” (60cm)
  • Brim length: length 8.26”(21cm)*width 3.74”(9.5cm)
  • Round Edge Rulers Radius: 0.1968”(5mm), 0.2362”(6mm), 0.2755”(7mm), 0.3149”(8mm), 0.3543”(9mm), 0.3937”(10mm), 0.433”(11mm), 0.4724”(12mm)
  • Resin Interlining: 19.68”*11.02” (100*28cm)


  • Fast & precise without sacrificing accuracy!
  • 1/4" Seam Allowance Included. 1/8" Thick Transparent Acrylic Templates
  • Easy to follow, concise, fast, easy to understand
  • Equipped with detailed pdf graphic electronic instructions and video tutorials