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Creative Embroidery Art Kits

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Enjoy stitching with flexible hands & fingers, complete the work with love, and create a meaningful and special present for the ones you love.



We always think that each handmade item is a creation of love and skill and the artisan uses all their abilities to create a beautiful item that celebrates their craftsmanship, that is why we understand the value of each piece.


  • Easy To Operate - The instructions include illustrations of needlework, teaching you how to deal with embroidery floss, printed pattern, and the way to frame embroidery.


  • You will enjoy double fun with our sachet bag embroidery kit. Not only in the process of making the embroidery kit, but after finishing the sewing projects, you can get a lovely and practical change purse for coins.


  • Exquisite embroidery pillow kits to add personal style to your home space. Made of premium quality Cotton Canvas, Irresistibly comfortable and soft, give you an amazing skin feel.


  • Multi-function - Enjoy the fun of embroidery. Each canvas is printed with a pattern to guide your embroidery work.


  • Complete Set - Comes with all the tools and materials you need to start embroidering. 


  • In your free time, you can enjoy the process of DIY embroidery. You can give the finished embroidery as a gift to your family or friends, or you can put it at home as an ornament. 



  • Package Includes:
  1. Embroidery cloth.
  2. Embroidery hoops.
  3. English instructions guide.
  4. Embroidery needles.
  5. Embroidery threads of different colors.


Product NameSizeWeight
Canvas Tote Bag Embroidery Kit13.38" X 15.35"1.10lb
Sachet Bag Embroidery Kit7.87" X 6.69"1.10lb
Pillow Cover Embroidery Kit17.72" X 17.72"1.10lb
Cosmetic Bag Embroidery Kit8.66" X 6.69"1.76lb
Vanity Mirror Embroidery Kit5.90" X 3.14"1.76lb
Pendant Bag Embroidery Kit1.96" X 2.75"1.10lb
Necklace Embroidery Kit1.96" X 2.75"1.10lb
Peacock Hanging Painting Embroidery Kit
Not Included Frame
19.68" X 25.59" 1.10lb