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DIY Standing Pencil Pouch Template - 3PCS (With Instructions)

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I made a stand pencil case that can be used upright. It is a pencil case that can be folded and opened with a zipper. There is plenty of storage space, so scissors, stick glue, and a 20cm ruler can be accommodated.

You can stand it up and use it as you like.

How to Use

Cut the outer and lining by adding 1cm seam allowance.

The body is folded and cut, and only the top of the lining is 2cm thick.

Fabrics facing up and down are divided, cut, and used by connecting them.

Cut 2 oz or 4 oz adhesive quilting cotton according to the pattern without seam allowance.

Both the outer and inner linings are made of linen fabric.

Creation process shot

1. Attach an adhesive pad to the outer fabric.

2. Separate the zippers and attach them one by one to the round part of the outer fabric.

3. Place the front side against the lining and sew along the sewing line.

4. Take out the scissors and turn it over.

5. Fold the handle fabric, sew two rows, and attach it to the designated location.

6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 one more time.

7. Insert the zipper head and trim the protruding zipper to organize it.

8. Temporarily sew the ends to prevent the zipper from opening.

9. Stitch the side lines of the body part and make the bottom.

10. Turn over the outer material of the body and put the lining inside the outer material.

11. Open the zipper, turn it over, insert the body, wrap the body with the body lining, and sew.


Material: Acrylic 3mm Thick

Size: Finished Block

Small :6inch 

Medium :8inch

Large :10ich

Package List:

DIY Standing Pencil Pouch - 3PCS + Manual