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Cutting Mat

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Our heavy-duty cushions prevent curling and warping. Protect your desktop from sharp blades, writing instruments, and other art and craft tools.

You never have to worry about your sewing, quilting or crafting projects causing long-lasting damage to your crafting table or furniture.

All you need is the right self-healing mat to protect the surface. These self-healing cutting mats have multiple layers, allowing the mat to heal while also protecting your rotary cutters or blade from damage in the process.

3.0MM thickness designed for heavy-duty cutting
Professional-quality, double-sided mat has grid lines on one side and solid color on opposite side
Self-healing finish reseals surface cuts, providing a continually smooth surface for all cutting projects
Store flat and out of direct sunlight
Use with,art knives, rotary cutter and specialty cutters

Good For: protecting cutting surfaces and extending the life of your rotary and utility blades.

  • Equipped with a self-healing finish reseals surface cuts,

  • Designed to provide a continually smooth surface even after it has been used for cutting. 

  • Features an extra-large mat area for a range of cutting and crafting needs.

    Size: The size of the cutting mat is about 12 x 18 inches (about 30.5 x 45.7 cm) (A3 size), durable and reusable. Suitable for small, medium and large handicraft and sewing projects