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Leather Edges Burnisher

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This burnisher is ideal for finishing leathercraft such as belts, knife sheaths, saddles, etc.

Burnishing can be a pretty time-consuming technique, but it's going to be so easy to have stunning results in a couple of seconds by using a speed rotary tool with our edge burnishers.

Its design will allow you to effectively finish tight corners, small holes, slots, belt loops and edges difficult to reach.

It has several different grooves that allow you to burnish most thicknesses of leather projects.

Suitable for a drill press, hand drill, lathe, or any other motorized tool.


Material: Ebony (black sandalwood)

Color: Black


2PCS x Leather Slicker Burnisher

Apply saddle soap (or soap) with a wet sponge to the edges that you intend to burnish. This will soften the leather and help to create a smooth surface.

Required: 3-3.2 mm Brass Chuck, Please confirm whether the size is appropriate before placing the order.

Pay special attention to the speed of rotation, slowly adjust to the appropriate speed, not quickly adjust to the maximum speed, so as to avoid danger.