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Leather Stitching Suit 11pcs

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This stitching kit is very useful to make your project faster and easier. The design is quite simple, they are in a mini bag, and tools can be put inside to keep them neat after use.


  • Durable: stainless steel material, sturdy and durable, not easy to corrode and rust, light in size and easy to carry, can provide a long time of use
  • Multiple sizes: There are different sizes of round head needles, flat head needles, big eye needles, and various types and sizes of umbrella rope works.
  • Convenient to carry: all tools are placed in a velvet bag, you can take them with you, so you will not miss any thoughts that come to mind
  • Scope of application: Needles of different sizes, lengths, and shapes can adapt to most of your lace, rope, or other material requirements. They can be used for umbrella rope bracelets, leather weaving, and other DIY crafts and accessories, which can give full play to your creativity



  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Packing: 11pcs


How To Use: