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Mini Needle Plate Screwdriver - 2Pcs

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A Perfect Mini Screw For Sewing And Household Repairs!


This Screwdriver Is Perfect For Getting Into Those Small Spaces On Your Sewing Machine. Finger-Friendly, Magnetic Screwdrivers Are Small Enough To Fit Under Your Sewing Machine Arm, But Substantial Enough For Easy Grabbing!


✔️ Ultra-Short And Suitable For Tight Spaces 

✔️ Smooth Handle Surface, Oil Resistant, And Easy To Wipe Off

✔️ Space Saver Like Thumb Size Convenient To Carry Around For Daily Use

✔️ Includes The Most Common Slotted And Phillips Sizes Perfect For Sewing Machine Maintainance And Daily Repair

Suitable For Tight Spaces Uses - Special short handle design, for use on furniture installation, sewing machine, machine repair, or TV background other tight spaces.


Portable Screwdriver - Convenient to carry around, can be used for daily repairs or camping, etc. Keychain screwdriver is a must-have partner in the daily life of the family.


Crystal Grip Handle - The handle surface is very smooth, oil-resistant, and easy to wipe off. A must-have for when you need to clean out your sewing machine.


Product Specifications

Material: Plastic + Stainless-Steel


Package Include

1 x Mini Needle Plate Screwdriver