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New Cute Easter Bunny Basket

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🐣Let's welcome Easter together!

We specially prepared this bunny-shaped bag to increase the festive atmosphere and at the same time, it can also bring more holiday joy to the children.We provide a detailed tutorial, which is also perfect for beginners.

A must have for Easter: the bunny basket can be used as a gift basket or toy for Easter egg hunt, they can be used to carry the eggs, candy and gifts during Easter day,🐣bring more joy and holiday atmosphere for the kids.

Reusable, no more wasted time and resources! They fit in a variety of places and can also be washed as needed. Even if you are not good at sewing, you can still make these lovely bunny basket.

It is not only perfect for holidays, but also for daily use, as a lunch bag, picnic, gift wrapping, or to store household items, toys.

After making the item you can also choose to sell or use it for your own use, we also provide a variety of flowery fabrics that can help you finish this product better.
We've prepared 3 sizes for you to choose from.

Material: PolyvinylChloride
Size: Small-8 inch; Medium-10 inch; Laarge-12 inch