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Non-Slip 90° Degree Double Strip Ruler

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Cuts Precise Equilateral Triangle Quilt!

Simply align it on your fabric, cut both sides, flip around and repeat cutting as many triangles as you need in a snap.

  • Use the straight side of this double strip ruler to cut 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 inch strips – or use the pre-cuts that are on the market. Sew these strips together to create a 4-1/2 inch wide strip set.

  • Turn-a-Round the ruler to cut three 90 degree triangles that finish 4 inches. Multiple layers can be cut at one time.

  • Slides easily over fabric until pressure is applied; gripper holds fabric in place while cutting, eliminating miss-cuts.
  • Perfect for MOST Quilt Making Shapes! Sew perfect quarter-inch Quilting Seam!

  • Comes with fully illustrated step by step instructions or Scan the QR Code printed on the ruler to view a video demonstration

Non-slip ruler grids that steadily hold the fabric while cutting. It makes the cutter easily slide over the fabric until the pressure is applied. Eliminate slipping and miss-cuts while cutting. 

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