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Sewing Tape Measures

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Fabulous Sewing tape measure won't stretch or deform, provides superior measurement consistency.



  • Measuring range: 0 to 60 inches and 0 to 150 centimeters. There is a centimeter scale on the back, which is accurately printed in inches and centimeters. Both sides can be measured according to your requirements.
  • Operate and Read: Black markings on bright white tape are big enough for you to read, the tape has metal tabs on each end of the cloth tape measure to butt up against the item you measuring.
  • Wide Application: Cloth tape measure; body tape measure, sewing tape measure, measuring tape tailor. Good sewing tool, accurate tape measuring for sewing, tailoring, body, waist measurement, or measuring any curved surface. 




  • Package includes: 1 X Sewing Tape Measures.
  • Weight: 0.422 ounces.
  • Size:3.46 x 1.02 x 0.31 inches.