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Sewing Threader

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The sewing machine threader makes work easier and faster. It is a good gift for mothers, elderly people and craftsmen.




  • Simply thread the needle through the eye of the needle, put the thread on the needle, and finally pull the eye of the needle to sew the needle.
  • Practical sewing materials suitable for the elderly, tailors and sewing workers.
  • The threader can sew threads of any size, especially suitable for needles with small eyelets.
  • It is suitable for most sewing work, and needles of different sizes can be used for cross stitch, decorative sewing and embroidery.
  • The high-quality leaf-shaped plastic handle makes it easier to hold.
  • The thin thread makes the sewing machine threader soft and flexible, and the small hole at the end of the blade allows a simple threader to hang the needle on the wall or key chain.



  • Package includes: 20 x Sewing Threader
  • Weight: About 1.8 ounces