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Spool Huggers

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Spool Huggers keep thread tails from unraveling and losing tension, so you will never end up with a tangled mess of threads again. 




  • These are the best thread organizers designed to keep thread tails from unraveling and losing tension. 
  • These thread spool savers are made of superior silicon with high flexibility that can be twisted in any way, which are flexible, sturdy and durable, and reusable.
  • Sewing thread holders can firmly keep thread tails from unraveling tension.
  • Suitable for most home embroidery and sewing machine thread spools(except commercial-grade giant spools).
  • For lovers who like to sew and make exquisite embroidery at home, these sewing thread spool huggers are definitely the most satisfying and practical gifts.




  • Pack Include:6 X Spool Huggers
  • Size:6.42 x 4.65 x 2.68 inches;
  • Weight:7 ounces;