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XBlocks Square Templates

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We believe quilting should be fun. This template makes it fun and easy since the measuring and cutting have been done for you!

The magical XBlocks templates are to be used with your rotary cutter on your pre-sewn blocks or strips for quick and fun quiltmaking. The possibilities are endless!

The XBlocks Template comes with it's own carrying case, full instructions and extra hints and tips.

XBlocks Template can create hundreds - maybe even thousands of designs! And all with easy-to-piece, straight seam blocks and strips.

Plus there are many patterns you can make with our XBlocks Template.
BasiX Step One
Simply sew your blocks or strips together. 
BasiX Step Two
Match the lines on the XBlocks Template to the seams of your blocks or strips.
Cut around the edges of the template with your rotary cutter. 
BasiX Step Three
Voila! Magical new designs appear.
Sew Traditional
This fabulous design is made with a patriotic Jelly Roll!

Make some blocks with the S Size XBlocks Template for a great border!

Baby BasiX Boarders - BasiX Template - Patriotic Quilt

(Made with the XBlocks Template - the blocks are only 2 1/4"!)

Baby BasiX Pattern - Labyrinth - XBlocks - Quilting Pattern

Sew Clever
Your design starts with just 3 strips!

Check out these other great designs made with the XBlocks Template.
Tablerunner/Bed Runner or Body Pillow cover

Quilted Table Runner - BasiX Template - Symmetry - Modern Quilting


BasiX Pattern - Origami Rose - Quiting Template - Precut Strips


Modern Quilt Pattern - Quilting Template - BasiX - XBlocks


Modern Quilt - Template BasiX - Rainbow Quilt - XBlocks Products
Sew Sweet
This design starts with nine-patch blocks.

9 patch Quilt - BasiX template - XBlocks
Template  Size

S【2.5'' 】,  M【5'' 】, L【7.5''】, PLUS【10''】